Coding + Scripting

VS Learners

Published On11/09/2013

VS Learners is a Mobile Website that will run on Mobile, Tablets and other I-Devices. The Website is created using HTML5, CSS2, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile. The Website is created as a third-party client for

VS Learners

VS Learners

The Logo for the company is designed using Photoshop and its effects like Gradients, Text TOOL, opacity etc. Also added a diagonal pattern which has an opacity of 25%. The Yellow is provided to the page using Theme Roller of jQuery Mobile. The Background to the page is provided using an online asset.


Prayas Inc.

Published On: 10/09/2013

Prayas is a very popular non-profit organization in USA to promote and support educational and developmental efforts in India. It is a Complete website created using just HTML 4.01 and CSS.The Organisation believes that lack of education is at the root of several problems afflicting Indian society. It is a serious impediment to development and improvement in quality of life. Prayas aims to make a positive difference in this area. So to remove this remedy Prayas wants to direct its efforts towards meaningful and sustainable improvements instead of temporary relief.

Prayas Logo

Prayas Logo


Career Bag

Published On: 07/09/2013

A career oriented website to point out scope and future of education. Providing in about different universities around the country. Designed, developed using tables. In Future preparing to redesign it using HTML5/CSS3/jQuery.



Published On: 06/09/2013

The first Project I worked on under the guidance of Sir James Williamson, Certified Author. Worked on whole HTML & CSS from a PSD Format File.




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