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Published On: 13/09/2013


This is a on-request created design. This page was started from the root, as a new beginning. The owner of the company asked me to give some latest design to renovate his website, which may give a professional as well as cool look to the website. The work for this layout started from phase 1, i.e. starting from the core by collecting new Assets for the page. Then these assets are arranged on a 1080px Grid using Photoshop. With this I created the PSD File……..


Minimal Mobile

Published On: 13/09/2013

Minimal Mobile Home

The logo is aligned Center using Alignment property and below this we have arranged the Navigation Bar using some classes from Bootstrap. The image above is displaying the Tablet Version for the mobile website. In case of Mobile Design we have used Pills for Navigation Bar. Below navigation bar we have icons to display website for different kind of devices like Mobile, Desktop.



Published On: 12/09/2013

Minimal is one of the most popular PSD File all around the net. For a new beginner its a perfect file to start with. For Professionals also it one of the best PSD to workout with. UI Designers can use differnt frameworks and libararies from Javascript to make modifications in the webpage. This page can itself be used to create a complete well working website. Rather then using multiple pages we can provide info directly into the Modal Windows, which can be further linked to a third level link.



Published On: 08/09/2013

pI is a web template created as a rough work. It can be used as a start up point which can be used to create a complete fully functioning website. A single page web template created using HTML5, CSS2, CSS3 and some additional scripting.This is one of the most simplest design created using HTML5.


pI Home


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