HTML5 + CSS3 + Mootools

Star Rating

Published On: 08/02/2014

Star Rating is one of the most easy and simple way to rate any object present on your website. It can be used in Blog, Online Shop, Website, Portfolio. Its is a voting control which enable rating elements of content in your site by its readers. It’s a super-effective way of getting instant feedback from your readers. Whether it’s a blog post, web page, image or what ever piece/element of your website that you want to be rated by your readers. The demo file I am adding today is a cross browser compliant.

Star Rating

Star Rating


Draggable & Droppable Items

Published On: 06/01/2014

We can drag and drop the selected file and then by clicking upload button, we can upload the file. Hence, this uploading process is quite easier for the users. Now days, this uploading process is used more.

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

The dragging & dropping of file is carried out using Draggable & Droppable API used in HTML5. To make any file draggable & droppable we can also use some Javascript function or may be some jquery API. The file today I am uploading is created using HTML5, CSS3, Mootools. Mootools is a compact Javascript Framework.



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