Downloading a File with different Name!!

Published On: 08/05/2014

Hello Folks! Today I am here to share a simple trick with you. Have you ever noticed that the file you are downloading is having a different file name which is different from the one mentioned in the code. If you haven’t done yet, you can do so by checking the HTML Code in your specific browser. These days it is common for the designer and developers to use a different name for the file to be downloaded. This is done basically to provide ease of access to the user. So that user can save the file to there local memory with a proper name.


Colorful Scrollbar Within Window

Published On: 12/03/2014

A scrollbar is used to scroll down or scroll up any page. Using some easy HTML and CSS we can create our own styled scrollbar. These scrollbar can have curved edges, it can also be colorful. Depending on the conditions and requirement we can make different types of scrollbar. These will work perfectly for both x-axis and y-axis. The sample demo file is attached below.

Custom Scroll

Custom Scroll


Communication Links

Published On: 07/02/2014

Communication is one of the most important part of life. Now we can communicate with some one or even with the developer while accessing his/her website. Just by clicking a simple button we can easily make a call or send SMS. This button is actually a link which is created using a-tag with some added styling using CSS. The code to this button is quite simple and easy. In the href attribute we have to add tel:[number]. While accessing the website or application on mobile, if we click the button it will automatically open the dialer, using which we can make the call quite easily.


Fishy Menu

Published On: 04/01/2014
When we hover over any icon or image, then image/icon will zoom itself. This is known as Zooming In. And if we roll out our mouse from that particular image/icon, it will come back to its original state. This is known as Zooming Out. This zooming technique is carried out using very simple CSS. In CSS, we will add a zoom property to any specific image/icon using its selector. Using Pseudo selectors called :hover , we will add zoom property on it. Thus which will cause the effect to appear.

Normal State

Fishy Menu – Normal State



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